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Air Conditioner Failing? Stay Cool While Searching for Replacement

Air Conditioner Failing? Stay Cool While Searching For Replacement

Our summers here in the Phoenixville, PA area can be especially hot. That’s why you should always have a reliable air conditioner system in your home, so you won’t have to suffer through the high temperatures. If you think your AC system might be near the end of its life, follow Quality Degree’s tips for finding the right replacement air conditioner and use these helpful tips to stay cool in the meantime.

6 Ways to Cool Down Quickly:

  1. Always keep all of your air vents open. If closed, the air pressure within your system will build and result in less cold air and system inefficiency.
  2. Open your windows in the evening and at night to let the cooler air in.
  3. Create a cross breeze by opening windows that are opposite each other. This will be especially effective if it is windy.
  4. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. This helps you sweat, which will cool you down.
  5. Use ceiling fans to circulate air. This doesn’t really decrease the temperature, but it will make it feel up to 10° cooler in the room.
  6. Don’t drink alcohol, as this will dehydrate your body, making you feel even hotter.

Guide To Buying A New AC System

Search For a Reliable HVAC Company

Search for licensed local HVAC contractors in your area, or ask your friends and family who they use and trust. Check out their reviews online to see if their past customers were satisfied with their quality of service.

This is important because you want a professional, reliable and trustworthy expert to help you. Your HVAC contractor will be able to give you a proper recommendation for a SEER rating based on your local climate and your home’s needs.

Make Sure AC Unit Sizing Is Done Correctly

You don’t want an AC unit that’s too small, as you won’t have adequate cooling, but you also don’t want to one that is too large. One that is too large can lead to uneven temperatures and poor energy efficiency and may have a shorter lifespan than normal. A professional HVAC technician will work to figure out the correct size air conditioner for your home’s specific dimensions and cooling needs.