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5 Home Energy Tips in Central & Southeastern Pa to Save Money

It’s always nice to save money, especially in the hot Pennsylvania summers when your home’s air conditioner can hog the extra funds you’ve earmarked for fun! But if you follow these home energy saving tips, it’s possible to cut back on spending without sacrificing your comfort.

Take a look at these top 5 simple ways to reduce your energy bill.

1. Open Your Air Vents

If you have several of your air vents closed, hoping to redirect the cold air to certain areas of your home, open them back up! By closing off some of your vents, you’re increasing pressure in your duct system and making it harder to push the cool air throughout your entire home. As a result, you will end up using more energy usage and incurring higher utility costs.

2. Take Control of Your Thermostat

Your thermostat will happily tell your HVAC system to keep blowing cool air into your home while you’re away. Take control of your system by raising the temperature before you leave the house and putting it back to normal when you return.

It’s estimated that each degree warmer you go, you will save 1 – 3 % of your AC bill. It’s obviously a lot more significant if you are away for longer periods of time.

3. Utilize Your Fan Wisely

Your AC can cool the room. But your fans, which take less energy to run, can make you feel cooler, it used correctly.

So what’s the difference? Since you have to be present to notice any effect from a fan, you should only run fans in occupied rooms. Running fans in all rooms of your house will end up wasting energy, so utilize them carefully to reduce stuffiness or stagnant air, but don’t leave it to run constantly.

4. Make Sure To Change Your Filter

Most people know they should change their air filter to keep their system running efficiently, but it doesn’t hurt to have a reminder. This step is even more vital if you have pets due to the existence of pet dander and hair. Some advise once a quarter, but we typically suggest changing it monthly if you wish to maintain the lowest energy usage. Mark your calendar if it helps!

5. Call an HVAC Technician to Raise Your Unit’s Efficiency

An unmaintained AC will spend a lot more energy trying to cool with dirty, unkempt parts. Call QDI if it’s time for your yearly maintenance at (610) 600-1108. You can also ask about our Comfort Club for a 5-star maintenance plan.

Try these five tips and enjoy your summer savings!