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7 Possible Reasons Your AC Is Making Noise

Is Your AC Making Loud Noises?

When your ac makes loud noises, especially rattling noises, it means there is something wrong. The most obvious reason for this is a failing motor, which when it goes bad creates a screeching noise. However, there are other reasons as well.  At Quality Degree, Inc., we want you to avoid such a scenario which is why we've put together the top seven reasons why your air conditioning system might be making noises. If you do hear a sound coming from your HVAC, be sure to call our skilled air conditioning technicians. We work quickly and efficiently to ensure you're comfortable all year round.

Reasons for a Noisy AC Unit

#1 – Slipped or Old Belt

A slipped belt makes a distinct squealing noise. The belt connects the compressor to the engine. If the belt is old, and on its last leg – it may squeal right before it bites the dust. Should the belt subsequently snap, you will experience an immediate AC breakdown.

#2 – Loose Parts

If something is making a rattling noise, the cause is most likely loose parts or screws. You can usually determine how loose the part is by how loud the noise is. The louder the rattling, the more out of place the part is, so if you hear loud rattling – don’t delay! Have an HVAC contractor address the loose parts before they impact the integrity of your system!

#3 – AC Capacitor or Fan Motor Failure

Is your AC capacitor making a humming noise? A soft, steady hum, can mean your capacitor is starting to fail, or it could simply mean that your fan motor needs a repair. Most people understand how a motor in disrepair can jeopardize your AC, but many do not know that without your capacitor, your system will not get that little boost of energy required for it to start running, so if you hear a humming sound coming from your system, call a trusted HVAC professional to correctly diagnose the reason why your AC capacitor is making noise.

#4 – Duct Leaks

While you may like to whistle while you work, it’s not ideal if your air conditioner does. A whistling noise is often the sound of a duct leak. If your ducts are leaking, you may be losing precious cool air and energy, which translates to lost money.

#5 – Electrical Malfunctions

A buzzing noise is often associated with an electrical malfunction. This noise can be attributed to loose connections on the compressor, but it can also occur when the voltage running through your AC unit is at an incorrect amperage. If left unaddressed, this power issue can cause a breakdown.

#6 – Trapped Twigs and Debris

Thumping noise can occur in your outside unit when your yard waste becomes caught in the fan. If you hear any loud clanging or banging, your initial thought before calling an HVAC professional should be to go outside and check your outdoor unit for debris.

#7 – Failing Compressor

For obvious reasons, it is common knowledge that a high-pitched screaming noise is not a good sign. However, you may not know that that is typically indicative of a failing compressor. If your compressor has definitely failed, it will need to be replaced. However, it may be more cost effective to go ahead and replace the entire ac unit; especially if your current unit is more than 10 years old and/or still utilizes R-22 refrigerant.

If you notice weird sounds coming from your AC and worry you might have an issues, contact the professionals at Quality Degree. We offer fast, reliable AC repair in Phoenixville. Our NATE-certified technicians are available 24/7 at no extra charge to you. Additionally, we work with your budget and ensure complete satisfaction.

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