6 Common Furnace Problems You Might Be Experiencing

6 Common Furnace Problems You Might Be Experiencing

Furnace problems can range from inconvenient to dangerous. And the solutions can range from DIY to calling for an entire furnace replacement. QDI is here for Central & Southeast PA with an overview about what to look for and what the best course of action is for dealing with the issue.

#1 – Clogged Air Filter

Luckily, this is one of the easiest problems to solve. Not so luckily, it can end up causing major strain on your furnace, so if you did forget to change your air filter, you may be dealing with some unpleasant effects. Your heat may be compromised or completely shut down.

The solution is, of course, to change your filter. If you have changed it recently and are still experiencing problems, then continue reading!

#2 – Improperly Functioning Thermostat

How to work a thermostat may seem very obvious, but little details escape everyone from time to time. Before assuming the worst about your thermostat, make sure that your setting is on “heat” and the fan is set to “automatic”. Make sure the batteries are fresh. If it is an older model, make sure it is level.

Still not working properly? You may simply need a new thermostat.

#3 – Pilot Light Oddities

Your pilot light is mostly yellow, orange, red or purple. Or, the flame is an inconsistent or odd size.  What now?

This usually needs professional attention. If you notice the smell of gas, immediately turn off your furnace and leave your home with any family members. Call your local gas company first and QDI second.

#4 – Bad Airflow

Are you still chilly with your furnace on? You might simply be dealing with a dirty air filter, but the cause may also be leaky ductwork or problems with your air handler.

Many other airflow problems could be at fault that QDI can handle. Call us for an evaluation.

#5 – Frequently Turning On & Off

This can be yet another symptom of problem #1, a dirty air filter, but it can also indicate that your heat exchanger is overheating because of a different problem. This problem, called short cycling, can also mean that your furnace is too large for your home.

Solving this problem is usually a matter that an HVAC company like QDI should handle. The solution can be clearing a flue pipe, changing your thermostat or replacing your entire system.

#6 – Noisy Furnace

Is there an annoying, persistent noise in your home that you believe to be coming from your furnace? Pay attention to these types of noises:

  • Rumbling
  • Rattling
  • Squeaking
  • Squealing
  • Banging

This is just a small list of noises that can indicate a problem with your furnace.

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