Preventing Water Heater Damage

For many of us, the winter months provide hours of family-filled folly, but what happens when the hustle and bustle is interrupted by an unexpected water heater leak or failure due to the mercilessly cold Pennsylvania climate? Suddenly holiday cheers become holiday jeers, and spirits sink lower than the temperature.

4 Tips to Protect Your Water Heater From Freezing Temperatures

1. Insulate Your Pipes/Unit: Insulation is essential, as it prevents any temperature inconsistency from the harsh winter months that may cause the metal in your water heater to expand and contract. This frequent stress wears on your unit, which may cause significant or minor leaks that are both detrimental to your walls and floors! In addition to sleeves for your pipes, many hardware stores carry blankets which are meant to insulate the unit itself.

2. Check the Placement of Your Unit: Because water heaters are not always considered aesthetic masterpieces, many are hidden away in basements or outdoor sheds. As these areas are naturally colder, your water heater is more heavily subjected to the harm low temperatures often inflict. But there is hope! Moving your unit to a warmer area of the residence, or providing extra insulation can further protect it from cold weather damage. If neither of these options are possible and your unit suffers from working a bit harder to allow a few more hot showers for your holiday company, Quality Degree offers expert water heater repairs.

3. Check Exposed Openings to Outdoors: Many units contain vents that allow for oxygen and exhaust processing, which can become clogged in the throws of a harsh Pennsylvania winter. Whether critters believe it will serve as a suitable shelter, or snow plugs the entrance; it is possible for CO2 to enter the home or disrupt the proper air flow. To prevent this issue, consider purchasing a mesh covering to keep anything from obstructing the vent’s entrance.

4. Annual Maintenance: Professional water heater maintenance is essential to the longevity of your unit. Monitoring the pressure valve, flushing the tank, and checking for leaks are all necessary steps in the preservation process. The team here at Quality Degree encourages our customers to schedule yearly maintenance repairs. This service will not only help keep your water heater in top condition, but may also add years to its life!