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Why It’s Important to Ensure You Have the Right Size AC Unit

Make Sure Your AC Unit Is Sized Correctly

If your AC unit is either too small or too large for your space, it can cause you multiple issues that can drain your wallet and put your family in a state of discomfort. Read more to see exactly how the wrong sized system can leave you stressed out.

Inefficiency All Around

With AC units that are too large or too small, the normal cooling cycle of the unit can be off, leading to various problems. When the unit is too small, it will struggle to provide adequate cooling. This can cause the cooling cycle to run too long. A unit that is too large may have run cycles that are shorter than normal. These unusually short and long cycles mean lots of wasted energy for you.

Both of These Abnormal Cycles Can:

  • Raise Your Energy Costs
  • Shorten System Lifespan
  • Cause Higher Risk of Breakdowns
  • Leave You With Uncomfortable Temperatures

Oversized AC Units Can Cause High Humidity Issues

Unfortunately, an AC unit that is too large for your home won’t leave you with a surplus of cool, comfortable air. In fact, it can leave you with the exact opposite. When an AC unit is too large for space and short cycles repeatedly, it may not be able to run long enough to properly rid your home’s air of moisture like a properly working AC unit would.

High humidity can result in multiple problems for you, including:

  • Mold & Mildew Growth
  • Electronics Damage
  • Damage to Wood Furniture
  • Sticky, Uncomfortable Indoor Air

Trust The Pros at Quality Degree For Correct AC Installation

Call the highly trained and experienced Quality Degree technicians at (610) 600-1108 or schedule service online when you need professional AC installation. Our HVAC technicians carefully consider all pertinent aspects of your home so that we can recommend and install the AC unit that will best fit your needs and provide you with comfortable, cool air whenever your family needs it.