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4 AC Energy Saving Myths Busted

4 AC Energy Saving Myths Busted

There are plenty of misconceptions around AC energy usage and energy saving tactics. Some are obviously a bit far fetched, but some that may seem logical can actually increase your energy expenditures. We all know that saving energy means saving hard-earned dollars, so Quality Degree is here to share with you some energy saving myths that just aren’t true.

1. AC Systems Consume Most of My Energy

Modern AC units take up approximately 48% of a home’s average energy use. The majority of energy is consumed by electronics like computers, televisions and video game systems. Don’t be too quick to blame your AC for high energy costs and turn up the temperature, leaving you hotter than you need to be. Instead, try to limit time spent using electronics to reduce energy usage.

2. Closing Vents In Unused Areas Will Reduce AC Costs

Closing vents will really have the opposite effect. When vents are sealed, an AC unit’s normal even distribution is affected by pressure buildup, which can cause more air to leak through the duct system. This pressure also makes your air conditioning unit work harder than it needs to, resulting in inefficiency.

3. Leaving A Fan On Cools Rooms

Some people assume leaving a fan on will help to cool the room. This actually just results in wasted energy. A fan will help people feel cooler as air is pushed around, but it will not actually decrease the room temperature. Don’t leave ceiling fans running if space is unoccupied. This will only eat up energy without actually cooling your home.

4. Drastic Reductions On Your Thermostat Cools Your Home Faster

Most AC units only push cool air at one speed, so dramatically reducing the temperature setting on the thermostat won’t make the machine work harder or cool faster. This will perhaps only result in wasted energy, while having the same cooling outcome as periodically, gradually reducing the thermostat temperature.

Rely on Quality Degree For Help With Your AC Efficiency

Call Quality Degree today at (610) 600-1108 if you think your AC unit is underperforming or impaired. Our professional technicians can assess your home’s AC unit and provide 5-star services to optimize your air conditioning energy efficiency, including maintenance, repair, and installation. And when you’re trying to stay cool and save energy this spring and summer, make sure to take these busted myths into account.