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Heat & Cool Your Home with Less Energy

A mini-split heat pump, also known as a ductless heat pump, is an efficient means of heating and cooling your home. There are multiple benefits to these systems, but before we cover them, let’s go over how these systems actually operate.

A heat pump is named so because it pumps heat from one place to another depending on your comfort needs. During hotter weather, heat within your home is moved via refrigerant within the heat pump out of your home and is released outdoors, lowering the temperature in your home to a comfortably cool temperature of your choice. During colder weather, the refrigerant pulls heat from the air outdoors and moves it into your home where it is released. These heat pumps operate best in areas that experience milder winters.

These Systems Offer Multiple Benefits:

High Efficiency

Mini splits are known for their efficiency. Mini split systems are smaller by nature and use less power than centralized HVAC systems. Since the air is moved directly to each individual room that houses an evaporator, it means there is little to no chance of lost air. In centralized systems, air ducts may be damaged, or may not be entirely attached to one another. This can lead to a loss of approximately 20% to 30% of the air that moves through the said duct system. Since a mini-split requires no ducting, you’ll be free from worry about unseen air leaks, that essentially waste conditioned air that you have already paid for.

Easily Installable

Since these systems do not require air ducts, their installation is fast and simple. A small, 3-inch hole is cut out of the wall so that the outdoor condenser can connect via a conduit to the indoor evaporator units within the home. This translates into a less intrusive installation process for you and your home’s structure.

Use Heat & AC Where You Need It

Normally, a small outdoor condenser can adequately provide heating and cooling to up to four separate evaporator units that are mounted on walls within your home. One evaporator heats and cools one room, so that means you can heat and cool four separate rooms from one condenser unit. This also allows you the power to heat and cool only places in your home which are occupied, saving you from spending on energy for heating and cooling in areas of your home that may not necessarily need it.

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