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How to Resolve the Problem of Frozen Evaporator Coils

Why Your Evaporator Coil Freezes & How to Fix the Issue

If you have recently experienced problems with your cooling system, you might have checked on your unit to find frozen evaporator coils. Condensation and moisture might also be present around your air handler. It is an odd sight to see ice when it is warm outside, and unfortunately, it is a sign that something involving your air conditioner is malfunctioning. There are a few different problems that your unit might experience which Quality Degree, Inc. is here to explain!

1. Dirty Coils

How do dirty coils translate to icy coils? Dirt doesn’t have anything to do with freezing temperatures.

It may seem confusing at first, but dirt buildup actually does cause your unit’s coils to freeze. It hinders the heat absorption process and the coils freeze as a result. Routine AC maintenance involves cleaning coils and helps to avoid this issue.

2. Temperatures are “Falling”

Fall is a time when we can finally get some relief from burning hot weather. Running the air conditioner isn’t really a necessity 24/7, but it is easy to forget that it’s on if we need it for a few hours or when the sun is blaring on a beautiful day.

However, your air conditioning unit probably wasn’t made to run below 60 degrees. So if it is running all night when temperatures drop and/or you have the temperature set too low, it will cause excess strain on the unit. It can actually be quite damaging to your system over time.

To get rid of the frozen coils from this issue and protect your system from damage, simply make sure to set your thermostat to above 65 degrees and set it to “heat” when the temperature starts skimming the lower 60s.

3. Leaking Refrigerant

Leaking refrigerant is a pretty serious problem that needs to be addressed in order for you to enjoy proper cooling and reasonable energy bills. A leak will cause your evaporator coil to freeze due to poor air circulation. If you are noticing any of these other symptoms, you might want to look into refrigerant leak detection:

  • Lack of cool air from your vents.
  • Hissing noise from your unit.
  • Elevated energy bills.

4. Inadequate System Airflow

This is perhaps the most common cause of frozen evaporator coils. If there isn't enough air blowing over the coil, it won't have enough heat to absorb, which means that the condensation on the coil is likely to freeze and cause a breakdown. Airflow blockages are commonly caused by dirty air filters, malfunctioning air handlers, and closed-off air registers.

One of the simplest things you can do to avoid this problem is to make sure you regularly change your air filters so that nothing impedes the flow of air through your system. Quality Degree, Inc. makes it easy and hassle-free with our air filter subscription program!

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Thinking About a Cooling Repair?

Quality Degree has resolved every HVAC issue in the book, and we have a lot of experience providing quality solutions for frozen evaporator coils.

If you are looking into an air conditioner or heat pump repair, feel free to reach an expert from Quality Degree today at (610) 600-1108.