The 2 Greatest Hazards Of Cracked Heat Exchangers

The 2 Greatest Hazards Of Cracked Heat Exchangers

While home maintenance can sometimes be a bit of a pain, it can be the thing that saves your life if your furnace has potentially dangerous hidden damage. And even though your furnace is used every single day during the frigid Pennsylvania winter, we understand it is easy to overlook your seasonal maintenance while preparing for the holidays and New Year.

Thus, our team here at Quality Degree, Inc. would like to ensure our customers understand that skipping their furnace maintenance could potentially lead to the formation of cracks in your heat exchanger, something that should not be taken lightly.

2 Major Risks Of Letting Your Furnace Maintenance Slide

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Because most furnaces use fossil fuels to run, they naturally emit many toxic gases as byproducts. Normally your furnace utilizes built-in vents to usher these chemicals outdoors and away from your home.

However, if there is a crack in your heat exchanger substances such as carbon monoxide can be released into your home. Carbon monoxide is particularly dangerous because it is tasteless, colorless and odorless, and ingesting it can lead to sickness and even death. While all homes should have CO detectors, these devices do not stop the spread of this deadly substance; like a smoke detector, it only warns you of the gas’s presence.

Scheduling a yearly maintenance check-up on your furnace protects your family from the dangers of cracked heat exchangers and carbon monoxide poisoning. Your HVAC technician will ensure that there is adequate combustion in the burner so that CO cannot build up within your heat exchanger, and that your system’s ventilation is secure so toxic combustion gases can’t harm your family. Keep your family safe, and contact a licensed professional to inspect your heating unit.

Furnace Fires

Carbon monoxide poisoning is not the only possible danger a cracked heat exchanger presents. If combustible gas builds up in your heating unit and is released into your home through a fracture, it can lead to a potentially deadly furnace fire. Therefore, it is essential to make sure your unit is performing at the highest level possible to avoid an unpredictable blaze.

Furnace fires are not only threatening to your safety, but also extremely expensive to recover from. You may have to repair damage to your home or replace cherished possessions. Don’t take the risk! Be sure to schedule an annual maintenance check on your furnace.

Though the prospect of a cracked heat exchanger may seem daunting, the team at Quality Degree is always here to make sure you and your family are receiving the best HVAC service possible. Our specialists have been offering quality air conditioning and heating services since 1996, and know how to ensure your furnace is working correctly!

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