5 Easy Ways to Cut Your Heating Costs this Fall

Where did the summer go? Seems it was only yesterday that we were grilling franks in our flip-flops. Now there’s a detectable chill in the air, the leaves are turning radical shades of yellow and red and our favorite coffee joints are slinging pumpkin spice lattes.

Fall is most definitely here and with it comes the opportunity to prepare our homes for the colder months ahead while looking for money-saving opportunities.

Here’s how to improve your comfort while cutting costs.

Schedule a Fall Tune-Up

A well-maintained heating system is an affordable heating system. A seasonal tune-up keeps operating costs in check. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, regular maintenance can trim as much as 30 percent off your heating bill. Plus, a professional inspection of your heating unit will catch minor issues before they become major, ensuring you remain cozy all winter long.

Set the Ceiling Fan to Spin Clockwise

Don’t retire your ceiling fan just yet. Your ceiling fan can support your heating system by helping distribute warm air throughout your home. Hot air rises, so set your ceiling fan to turn clockwise to push warm air downward. This will help your furnace operate more efficiently.

Use a Humidifier

Adding moisture to the air can help a room feel warmer, so you can bump the thermostat down a degree or two. Plus, a humidifier will help keep airborne viruses at bay and improve your indoor air quality (IAQ). In fact, fall is the perfect time to evaluate your IAQ. You’ll be spending a lot of time indoors this winter. Be sure the air you’re breathing is clean.

Let the Sunlight in

Why should your furnace do all the work? Invite the sun’s warm thermal rays into your home by throwing the curtains wide open on your south-facing windows. Speaking of windows, are you using thermal drapes? Thermal drapes help keep heat inside where it belongs.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

For every degree you lower the temperature for eight hours, you’ll save 2% on your heating bill. Smart thermostats understand this. They also know your daily routine and will maximize energy savings while you’re away, helping cut your energy costs by as much as 18%. Even cooler: they know when you’re on your way back, so your home will be just as comfortable as you left it.

Bottom line: You can stay cozy while shrinking your energy bill this fall with just a few tweaks to your home and HVAC system. For all your comfort needs, contact Quality Degree at 610-600-1108.