Humidifier in a living room

Which Humidifier is Right for You

Winter can be a wonderful season filled with dazzling snow flurries and rosy cheeks. Unfortunately, the air nipping at your nose can be so cold at times, it starts to bite!

Dry winter air makes for uncomfortable winters with cracked hands and scratchy throats. If your home is feeling especially bitter this year, we recommend investing in a humidifier that is right for your space and lifestyle.

Why Do I Need a Humidifier?

While humidity is often associated with hot and sticky summers, a good amount of humidity in your air year-round is important. The added moisture to the air keeps our skin hydrated and our noses and throats wet enough to combat allergies, asthma flare-ups, and sinus infections.

Types of Humidifiers and Where to Put Them

Whatever your humidity goals may be, there is a humidifier out there for you. All these different units can be categorized under cool mist and warm mist.

Cold vs. Warm Mists

The majority of humidifiers on the market are cool mist and they come in two types of models. The first is an evaporative unit that uses a fan to blow air through a wet wick to moisten the air. An ultrasonic humidifier uses vibrations to create a stream of mist that is virtually silent, making it a perfect option for an office or bedroom.

Also known as steam vaporizers, warm units create their mist through boiling water. This means they use up more energy than cold mist units do. While these are the cheaper option, if your air is too warm it can cause swelling in your nasal passages, making it more difficult to breathe.

Whole-Home, Portable, and Console Units

If your entire home is in dire need of a re-moistening and you have a central air system, a whole-home humidifier is a great option for you. These will add water droplets to the air as it comes from your central air unit, solving the problem right from the source.

Looking to help out with smaller rooms? Tabletop units are compact, easy to move, and will not overwhelm your bedroom or office with too much humidity.

For multiple rooms, or large, open space, console humidifiers are a perfect solution. These units are a bit larger than the tabletops and have more power to deliver and disperse moisture.

Contact the Experts

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