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Winter Heating Myths

It’s the time of year where the days get shorter, the streets get snowy, and coats and hats are dusted off. With lower temperatures, your furnace is working hard to keep you comfortable and you’ll begin to see higher energy bills that can be frustrating.

Higher bills have you searching for ways to cut corners and save money, but there are a lot of heating tips out there that could actually be the cause for pricier heating.

We’ve put together a list of these heating myths to avoid this winter.

1. Cranking up the thermostat will heat the home faster.

While this seems like a viable option for speeding up the heating process, it’s not the best option. Turning up the thermostat will only change the temperature of the air being pumped into your home, not the speed at which it does so, ultimately using more energy.

2. Closing vents in rooms I don’t use will save money on the rooms I choose to heat.

Again, this seems like it would make complete sense and that the heat would simply redirect itself to an open vent. But in reality, closing vents to avoid heating a space will cause an imbalance in your system. Your HVAC will actually work harder and longer to heat the closed-off rooms as heat is naturally drawn to cold spaces.

3. Heating with space heaters will save energy and money.

When comparing electricity-powered space heaters to gas-powered furnaces, there is some conversion involved. While it may seem smart to use space heaters only in the rooms you use rather than have a furnace heating the whole home, it may not be worth it. Because electricity is pricier than gas, it may cost you the same to heat a select few rooms as it would to heat the entire home.

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