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3 Benefits of a Ductless Mini-Split

A ductless mini-split can be a smart alternative to convention HVAC systems. The appliance comprises a compressor/condenser placed outdoors, and the air handling unit, which is mounted on a wall or hung from the ceiling.

They offer several advantages over ducted systems. Here are three:

Ease of Installation

In most cases, you can connect the air handler with the compressor/condenser by running the electrical conduit through a three-inch hole in the wall.

The outdoor unit can connect to the air handler from as far as 50 feet away, allowing you to place it in a less conspicuous area even when connecting to rooms that face the street.

Also, mini-splits are ideal as a retrofit add-on for old homes without preexisting ductwork. They are increasingly being found in homes that:

  • Have a costly heating system but no cooling option

  • Have an outbuilding that ducts cannot reach

  • Are located in areas with high fuel costs

Zoning Capabilities

Chances are you need more than one room heated and cooled, and fortunately, one outdoor unit can power as many as four air handlers. You get the option of zoning, then, without the need for cumbersome ductwork, dampers, and so on. Each room, or zone, can have its own thermostat, letting you condition the air only when those rooms are occupied. There are smart thermostats available that are compatible with mini-splits.

Lower Energy Bills

Energy loss through ductwork accounts for more than 30% of all HVAC energy consumption, according to the Department of Energy. Mini-splits bypass this concern altogether. They also transfer heat rather than generating it through electric resistance or the burning of fuel, so they are very energy-efficient. This will translate into lower bills.

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