Couple sitting at laptop going over expenses.

Resolve to Slash Your Energy Bills This Year

If you have resolved to reduce unnecessary expenses and get a grip on your finances in the new year, you’re in good company. You likely spend a substantial amount of money on home energy costs each month, so this is a great starting point.

You understandably do not want to go to extremes to reduce energy costs. We’re not suggesting that you sit by candlelight or shiver through the winter without heating.

That’s why we put together the following steps to slash your energy bills without sacrificing your comfort.

Schedule an HVAC System Tune-Up

With regular use, dirt and wear can take a toll on your HVAC equipment. This system may be responsible for a large portion of your home’s total energy consumption, so any inefficiencies in the appliance could have a serious impact on your energy bill. An annual HVAC system tune-up completed by an experienced technician can restore its condition so that it operates with peak efficiency in the months ahead.

Change the Air Filter

During an HVAC system tune-up, your technician will likely replace dirty air filters. However, this important step needs to be completed on a monthly basis rather than only with an annual equipment tune-up. When the filter is saturated with various particles, the HVAC system cannot circulate air as efficiently as possible. A good idea is to keep several fresh air filters on hand for easy access. Set a reminder on your smartphone so that you remember to complete this easy and important step.

Install a Smart Thermostat

If you have not yet upgraded to a smart thermostat, now is a great time to do so. By programming small changes to the temperature settings throughout the day based on the home’s occupancy and your activities in the home, you can save a considerable amount of money on energy costs throughout the year. During the winter, program the settings at slightly cooler temperatures so that the heater will not turn on as frequently. When the warm weather season arrives, adjust the program settings at slightly higher levels to save money on cooling costs.

Re-Seal Doors and Windows

Small gaps around doors and windows are responsible for a large amount of energy loss throughout the year. These gaps allow the climate-controlled air to escape, which forces your HVAC system to work harder than it should. Re-sealing doors and windows should be completed annually for the best results, and this is because the seals can break down rapidly. This project may be completed as an easy weekend maintenance project, or you can hire a handyman for hassle-free results.

Switch the Direction of Ceiling Fan Rotation

You may have heard that running your ceiling fans regularly is a great way to circulate air throughout your home. This can help your HVAC system to function more efficiently when all of the interior doors in the home are kept open.

During the winter, the blades should rotate in a clockwise manner. Warm air from the HVAC system will rise, and the ceiling fan blades can push this heated area back down into the main area of the room when they rotate clockwise. In the summer, the opposite is true, so the blades should rotate in a counterclockwise manner.

You can take many steps to reduce energy consumption without impacting your comfort level or your convenience in your home. These thoughtful steps can result in an immediate reduction in energy costs, and these savings can continue throughout the year and beyond when you keep up with them.

Bottom line: Preserving comfort while cutting costs is a new year resolution that’s easy to keep. Quality Degree is happy to help! To schedule an appointment, call (610) 600-1108.