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Summertime Cooling Hacks That Will Cut Costs

If saving money is your goal this summer, we here at Quality Degree, Inc. are here to help you! There are some great home cooling hacks that will allow you to reduce your set temperature on your thermostat, saving you on your cooling costs.

Here are some cooling tips that will reduce your indoor temperature without cranking your air conditioning system:

Redesign Your Window Treatments

Dark-colored, heavy drapes and blinds will absorb heat, naturally raising the temperature of your home. Switch to a lighter color palette and less dense materials for your window coverings to allow the sun to reflect off of your windows, rather than be absorbed by them. This will decrease your interior climate during the day significantly, allowing you to increase your thermostat!

Use Your Kitchen & Bathroom Fans

When whipping up meals indoors, remember to always turn your stoves’ hood and any other ventilation in the area “on”. This will keep increases in your home humidity at bay. Cooking will cause the moisture level in your home to rise; however, your fans will prevent this humidity from accumulating and remaining in your space.

If you have an outdoor kitchen or barbeque area, try cooking outdoors this summer! This will keep your home at a more consistent and constant temperature throughout the day, easing the burden of your air conditioning system.

Lastly, when taking a hot shower or bath, it is imperative that you keep your bathroom fan on! Leave this fan on while you bathe and after you are done for about twenty minutes, as this will ensure any leftover moisture dissipates.

Keep All Of Your Air Vents Open

You want to keep all of your air vents in your home open, uncovered, and unobstructed. Closing one air vent will not cause air to flow more intensely out of the remaining vents, but rather, this can cause built-up pressure within your system resulting in cracks within your ductwork. This will save you money on unnecessary duct sealing and repairs.

Switch Your Bed Sheets

Cotton bed sheets are the ideal solution to uncomfortably hot nights. Switch your bedsheets to 100% cotton, as they are more breathable than other materials, and will allow you to feel more comfortable at night. This will allow you to raise your temperature on your thermostat at night, saving you on your cooling costs!

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