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What Is the Optimal Level of Humidity for Your Home?

Humidity levels affect us all. Whether your hair turns into a fro or your skin gets too dewy for your liking, we all have reactions to the increases and decreases of moisture in our environment. And, so do our homes.

Here in Pennsylvania, we have a humid continental climate. This makes controlling indoor humidity levels even more important, and even more difficult. As we experience extremely humid conditions, this type of moisture can threaten the integrity of your home’s structures and surfaces.

Controlling Indoor Humidity

According to Energy Star, the optimal indoor humidity level is between 30-50%. How can you combat humidity in your home? Implement the following:

  • Pre-set your air conditioning unit to keep your fan “on”. This ensures that your air will not be overly dry, as your system will re-humidify your home when the condenser cycles off, by blowing air over the wet coil within your AC. Without this step, your home can become excessively dry, negatively affecting your skin.

  • Install a whole-home dehumidifier to suck excess moisture from the air, preventing property damage. Wet conditions cause buckling and excess wear and tear on your foundation.

  • Install vent fans to remove additional moisture from accumulating after a hot shower or a dinner-time cooking session.

  • Get moisture-absorbing houseplants--they will naturally decrease overall humidity levels.

  • Schedule annual HVAC maintenance to keep your system clean and operating efficiently.

Benefits of Implementing Indoor Humidity Control

Controlling your indoor humidity levels will provide these benefits:

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