picture of portable heater

Portable Heater Safety

The National Fire Protection Association stated that portable heaters were responsible for 86 percent of heating fire deaths in homes. Since October is fire safety month, it's a perfect time to bring awareness to fire tragedies that could be avoided.

Don't Use an Extension Cord

On average, portable heaters are manufactured with the capability to provide about 1500 watts of electrical power. If you connect it to an extension cord, the power must also go through those both of those devices. This is dangerous because overheating can occur and cause a fire.

Avoid Using a Power Strip

A power strip is designed to have several electrical devices plugged into it. The high wattage of the space heater along with the other several devices into the power strip can cause overheating. This situation increases the probability of a fire occurring.

Reserve One Electrical Outlet for the Portable Heater

It's safer to plug the heater directly into an electrical outlet. First, decide where you want your heat to be distributed, and then use the closest outlet. Remove any other connections from the electrical outlet where you want to plug in your space heater. A wall outlet that has another item plugged into it along with the heater can overheat and cause a fire.

Turn Off Your Portable Heater While You're Away

Turn your portable heater off when you step out of the room or leave your home. Never trust it to always remain safe. If you have pets, they might bump into it while you're away. An electrical short may also unexpectedly happen while you're gone.

Place Portable Heaters in at a Safe Distance

Put your heater on a level floor at least three feet away from items that could burn. These include bedding, clothing, paper, and rugs.

Purchase Portable Heaters with Safety Features

Today, most heaters have safety features in efforts to reduce fire incidents. A shutoff feature is one where it turns off if the heater falls on its side. Make sure your heater has at least that safety feature. Look for a UL mark certification label from a third-party testing company too. This label ensures that your heater was inspected and tested for safe operation before you purchased it.

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