Picture of Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants—Do They Really Have Air Purification Properties?

Indoor air quality is increasingly important as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. So, why not do everything in your power to ensure your home remains a safe haven through it all. That’s why we here at Quality Degree, Inc. are letting you all in on an alternative air purification method—indoor plants!

There are a myriad of houseplants that can help rid your home of airborne contaminants. Here are the best botanicals for combating pollutants:

English Ivy

As a perennial vine, the English Ivy is great for odor removal and detoxification. This is a great bathroom plant, as it can reduce airborne fecal particles and mold, decreasing harmful bacteria, and unwanted odors in your home.

Dragon Tree

Have high ceilings and want to make a statement with your foliage? Dragon tree is a tall plant, adding the dramatic greenery you’re looking for while removing trichloroethylene and xylene from your atmosphere. These compounds are often found in home cleaning solutions, inks, paints, rubbers, and leather furniture. Place this plant in your home to diminish the harmful effects of these solutions and materials.

Mother-In-Law’s Tongue

This plant releases oxygen and filters out harmful compounds released by candles, cleaning agents, and other aromatic solutions such as air fresheners. These pollutants—benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, trichloroethylene, and xylene—are extremely detrimental when repeatedly exposed.


Oftentimes found in plastics, laundry detergents, and arts and crafts products, ammonia and benzene are common household compromisers that can be diminished by chrysanthemum blooms. Not to mention, these plants are brightly colored and will bring an added pop to any interior.

Adding air-purifying plants to your home can only help maintain a high level of indoor air quality. For more information on how to sustain a healthy environment, contact Quality Degree, Inc. at (610) 600-1108. We are continuing to implement CDC recommended protocols to ensure both our clients and technicians remain safe and healthy.