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How The Holidays Affect Indoor Air Quality

Dust the Halls!

Bells are ringing and choirs are singing! The holidays are officially upon us whether you’re a family who celebrates with lots of quirky traditions, or you prefer a quiet few days or time spent with loved ones.

As you bring out the decorations and preheat the oven, you may not stop to think about how some holiday traditions could be impacting your home’s air. And of course you don’t, that is our job!

Here are a few ways your home’s air quality could be affected this holiday.

Holiday Decor

While we love the garlands and kindergartener-made ornaments that are pulled out every year, they certainly do make our sinuses itchy. If your decor has been stored away in the garage or attic all year, they are most likely in need of a dusting.

Be sure to shake out any greenery (outdoors is best) and wipe off ornaments and bells to keep dust and other pollutants from lingering in the air and making you sneeze.

Cooking and Baking

Everyone is looking forward to your famous apple pie and heaps of stuffing this year. As you begin cooking up a storm, it is essential that you utilize your kitchen exhaust fans to keep steam and smoke out of your eyes and lungs.


Your centerpiece and mantle may always be lit up with beautiful candles this time of year. Keep in mind, the same ventilation that is important for cooking and baking also applies to your pine tree scented candles. Make sure they are placed in a well-ventilated area and never leave them lit unattended. If you’re looking for a more air quality friendly solution, try using soy wax candles instead as they burn cleaner and for a longer time.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Looking for a boost in air quality before the guests arrive? Give Quality Degree, Inc. a call at (610) 600-1108 to discuss your options! You can also learn more about our air quality solutions online.