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Is My Furnace Supposed to Sound Like That?

Unusual Furnace Noises

We’ve all heard some strange sounds in our homes. Sometimes it’s the house settling, sometimes it’s the kids wreaking havoc, and sometimes it’s a faulty furnace.

While our furnaces are bound to make noise as they power on and off, there are some sounds that you should keep an ear out for as they might be cause for alarm. Let’s dive into different furnace sounds and what they mean!


A booming bang coming from your furnace might make you jump out of your skin! If you hear this sound, there is likely a buildup of gas in your furnace caused by a delayed ignition. As we know, excess natural gas is never a good sign. You should contact your HVAC technician as soon as possible to handle this issue.


You might hear a metal-on-metal scraping sound. This could mean a couple of different problems with your unit:

  • Worn out ball bearings.
  • A loose or broken blower wheel.

We recommend turning off your system and giving the Quality Degree, Inc. team a call if you hear this sound.


A rattling sound means you most likely have a loose component, like a panel or screw, somewhere within your system and ductwork. An HVAC tech will be able to locate the affected part and tighten it up in no time.


One of the more irritating noises your system can make is a high-pitched squeal. This could indicate a damaged blower belt or blower motor.

Keep your HVAC system in tip top shape by scheduling regular maintenance tune-ups twice a year. Your technician will tighten up components, lubricate pieces, and make repairs in order to avoid more frequent breakdowns.

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