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UV Light Systems: Allergens’ Worst Nightmare

While allergens and airborne contaminants exist year-round, it’s no secret that they come out in full force during the spring and summer months. With more allergy pills and nasal sprays on the drugstore shelves than ever, allergy solutions have been evolving over the past decades.

One big advancement in keeping the red eyes and sniffly nose under control is the use of UV light systems to fight allergies.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

The air in your home plays an important role in your families health and wellness. That’s why frequently changing air filters, dusting surfaces, and cleaning air ducts and vents is highly recommended by every HVAC technician.

Kick up your IAQ control with an effective UV Light System.

How it Works

There are two different types of UV lights for an HVAC system. The first is air sterilization. This light is installed in the return air duct where it sterilizes the air that passes through your system.

The second type is a coil sterilization system. This light sits above the evaporator coil and keeps mildew and microbial growth from occurring on your coils.

The Benefits of UV Light

Now that we know how they work, let’s dive into the benefits of installing a UV light in your HVAC.

Improved Airflow

By preventing build-up on your HVAC, UV lights make a clear path for your air to pass through your system seamlessly.

Energy Efficiency

UV lights essentially help your HVAC clean itself. A clean system = an efficient system! The cleanliness will keep your system from having to work extra hard to keep up with your thermostat.

Health Benefits

As the title of this blog suggests, UV light is an allergen’s worst nightmare! The air in your home must pass by the light to flow back through your HVAC, meaning the following will be significantly reduced or removed:

  • Mildew/mold spores
  • Bacteria
  • Dust mites
  • Pollen

Indoor Air Quality Solutions in Phoenixville, PA

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