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The Holiday Rush and Your Water Heater

Hot Water for a Cold Season

Whether you’re hosting the whole family or just a few close friends, the holiday season can put extra strain on the systems of your house. An increase in cooking, cleaning, and showering are on their way and the experts at Quality Degree, Inc. are here to help you prepare your water heater for this season.

Here are a few ways to gear up your water heater for the holidays.

Schedule Services

Ahead of your visitor’s arrival, schedule a service appointment for your water heater to take care of any issues you may be having. This appointment will help avoid breakdowns in the middle of grandmas morning routine!

Our technicians are equipped to fix:

  • No hot water
  • Low levels of hot water
  • Too hot water
  • Discoloration
  • Foul smelling water
  • Strange noises
  • Leaks

Avoid any water mishaps, smells, or burns.

Plan Ahead

Putting some thought into your hot water use will go a long way in ensuring everyone is happy. Encourage family members to take shorter showers and to wait 15 minutes between showers to make your hot water supply last for everyone.

Another good idea is to run the dishwasher or load of laundry after everyone has finished showering for the day, as these appliances are sure to use a lot of your hot water supply. You could take the water savings even further by only doing cold loads of laundry while guests are in town.

Leaving Town?

If you’re the one heading out of town this holiday, what should you do with your water heater? Most water heaters have a vacation mode, sometimes labeled “VAC” that you should switch to before packing up the car.

This setting will lower your heater’s temperature in order to conserve energy while you are away and not using it. This will pay off on your utility bill at the end of the month!

Water Heater Services in Royersford, PA

Get a jumpstart on your holiday planning and give Quality Degree, Inc. a call at (610) 600-1108 for all your water heater needs!