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September is National Furnace Tune Up Month

September is the time in Central & Southern PA when the first leaves start turning, days become shorter and we thank our air conditioners for being by our side all summer. But before you switch gears and jump into fall plans, be sure to prepare your furnace or heat pump for autumn and winter indoor activities with a fall furnace and heat pump HVAC maintenance checklist.

And yes, September is really National Furnace Tune-up Month!

The Importance of Fall Heating Maintenance

Your furnace hasn’t had a lot to do recently if anything. Before relying heavily on it, it’s a good idea to do a few simple things to ensure it is up for it. There are some actions you can take yourself, and there are things best left to professionals.

Let’s start with the easy stuff you can get out of the way. They will barely put a dent in your free time, and the payoff will be a cozy home for months without heating problems.

Fall Furnace HVAC Maintenance Checklist

DIY #1 – Fall Cleaning

Check your indoor and outdoor unit. Whether it’s in the garage, basement, closet or attic, never place items near or against your furnace. Leave a wide margin around the unit at all times. If you have a heat pump, remove any debris that has accumulated next to the outside unit. Sticks, leaves, papers and other items may obstruct ventilation and even create a fire hazard. As the leaves begin to fall more and more, make sure your outdoor unit can breathe.

DIY #2 – Check the Filter

Changing your air filter is one of the easiest ways to see an immediate improvement in the indoor air quality as well as the efficiency of your heating system. But it is also the most common reason people experience problems with their furnace; it’s so easy to overlook.

Why is it such a problem? A dirty air filter restricts airflow, which is bad for many parts in your heating system.

DIY #3 – Think About Lost Air

The better your home is sealed, less air loss you will suffer. If you feel confident enough, walk around your house and inspect cracks that you can caulk.

Steps to test if air is leaking:

  1. Close all doors and windows
  2. Shut off all fans
  3. Turn off furnace
  4. Dampen your hand and test for a draft
  5. Alternatively, light an incense stick and see if the smoke is sucked in or blown out

Call a Professional For a Heating System Tune-Up

Quality Degree, Inc. is here to help you enjoy safe autumn comfort with professional heating maintenance. We will inspect every part of your furnace or heat pump and make any tweaks to help you get the most from it.

We hope you enjoyed this fall furnace HVAC maintenance checklist, and we’re always available at (610) 600-1108 or online for heating and AC services that focus on true value.