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6 Reasons Why Your AC Isn’t Cooling Your Home

You can hear that your air conditioner is engaged and trying to cool your house. The problem is that you don’t feel the house cooling down. It has only gotten hotter!

If your air conditioner isn’t cooling your house effectively or at all, then it could be due to a big issue with the system itself. However, there could be other causes of this in your home that are a bit more easily solved.

We want to help you troubleshoot. Go through this list of possible reasons why your AC isn’t cooling your house correctly to see if you can solve the mystery on your own. And, if there isn’t an easy answer, contact our team for an expert assessment and solution.

1. You have an extremely dirty system filter

Yes, your HVAC filter can get too dirty and end up hindering the flow of air into your AC system. When this happens, there may not be enough air getting in the be cooled, resulting in a home that you can’t cool down.

2. There are vents in your home that are closed

Take a walk around your home and make sure that every one of the vents is open and clear of debris. A blocked vent can not only prevent the proper distribution of cool air, it can also put additional strain on the AC unit.

3. Someone left a door or window wide open

We all love some fresh air, but if you are craving it, we’d advise stepping outside for a few minutes rather than leaving doors or windows open. Make sure that everyone in the house understands this as well. Leaving doors or windows open is going to keep the house overheated and cause your AC to run nonstop.

4. The thermostat has become miscalibrated

Over time, your thermostat could become miscalibrated, meaning that it can’t read the temperature in the house properly. It might not seem like a big deal if your thermostat is off by a degree but this issue will only worsen until a professional assesses and repairs this part of your system. This can lead to added problems with your AC’s energy efficiency too until it is resolved.

5. There is a leak in your ductwork

If you have an HVAC system that uses ductwork, problems with cooling your home may also indicate that you have a leak in the ducts. One or two seemingly small leaks can lose up to 30% of the conditioned air. This rapidly adds up, straining your AC and leading to poor home comfort.

6. You have an air conditioner that needs repairs

Of course, the most common culprit that leads to poor cooling in your home is that you need air conditioner repairs in Royersford. This could be due to a problem with a dirty evaporator coil, broken motor parts, or even a refrigerant leak. If you need repairs for your AC, you’ll want to have them performed by a professional to ensure they are done correctly.

If you are having issues with your AC, schedule a visit from the technicians at Quality Degree Heating & Air Conditioning to get the problem solved promptly.

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