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6 Signs Your AC Needs Repairs

We were recently reminded that the weather around here can have a mind of its own: 80° one day and 60° the next! This can make people hesitant to store their cold-weather clothes, but it is also a big reminder that warm weather isn’t far away. And when the full force of a Pennsylvania heatwave arrives, you need your air conditioner to be in optimal working order.

If you’ve tested your AC by now or even used it once or twice, it may have given you a chance to pick up on some problems. We mean it when we say that any trouble with your AC that is happening now is worth investigating and treating with expert AC repairs in Royersford, PA so your system is prepared to perform when it truly counts.

Here are the warning signs you need to know.

6 Signs of AC Trouble

If you notice that your air conditioning starts to exhibit any of these warning signs, then you need to reach out to us for expert repairs.

  1. Short cycling: Short cycling occurs when there is something hindering the cooling process of your AC. Whether it is a dirty coil or a refrigerant leak, you need to schedule repairs to get this issue addressed quickly before it causes your system to break down entirely.
  2. Weak airflow: You need to schedule a visit from a technician if you notice weak airflow coming from your air conditioner. This could be solved by something as simple as a filter change or it may require a more intensive repair like a fan repair or duct repair.
  3. High energy bills: Does your AC run up your energy bills whenever it turns on for any amount of time? If so, then you will want to get repairs for your AC to stop this issue.
  4. Poor cooling: An air conditioner that isn’t able to cool your home needs to be fixed or replaced so that it does cool things off effectively. You may need to patch a refrigerant leak or address an iced-over evaporator coil.
  5. Screeching sounds: Hearing a screeching or squealing noise from your AC? If so, then you may have a dry motor belt or broken fan blade that needs to be fixed by an expert.
  6. Bubbling or hissing noises: Other sounds that you need to be on the alert for are bubbling or hissing. Both of these sounds indicate there is a leak somewhere in your refrigerant line. A hissing noise indicates a leak in the part of the line where the refrigerant is gaseous while bubbling indicates a leak is in the line where the refrigerant is still liquid.

Whatever problems your air conditioner is exhibiting, you should reach out to a professional technician to address it. You need to make sure that a trained and certified expert is the one to handle your AC unit so it gets the right service to help it, rather than harm it.

Whatever repairs you need, contact Quality Degree Heating & Air Conditioning to get your 5-star AC service.

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