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Have You Scheduled Maintenance Yet?

Your car gets a yearly oil change and many people get a yearly dentist or doctor’s check-up. These tasks keep things in optimal, working condition and save you trouble. The same concept applies to air conditioning maintenance in Royersford, PA.

Maintenance is an often-underestimated service that can have a huge impact on your comfort this summer. If you haven’t booked an appointment for maintenance for your AC system yet, then we’d like to fill you in on why now is a great time to do so.

Maintenance addresses small inefficiencies to prevent them from escalating

All too often people think of maintenance as being like a small repair. But the truth is that your tune-up can help to prevent repairs if it is done consistently each year. Let us explain why.

Let’s say you have a clogged air filter, for example. Maintenance will give a technician a chance to change that dirty air filter out and replace it with a clean one. By contrast, without maintenance, that filter could go on to get dirtier, reduce the airflow into your AC, increase the strain on your system and your energy bills, and increase the chances of a breakdown.

Maintenance addresses dirt build-up and a dirty filter, but what it prevents is the bigger deal. In fact, AC maintenance helps prevent up to 85% of the repair needs the system would have encountered otherwise.

Maintenance helps your AC use a reasonable amount of energy

Another great aspect of air conditioning maintenance is that it helps ensure that your system operates with better energy efficiency. Over time, and months of use, your air conditioner will start to feel the impact of regular wear and tear, which can reduce its ability to use energy with full efficiency. In fact, a loss of 5% of your system’s efficiency will occur each year that your system isn’t maintained.

With maintenance, however, your AC is going to be able to keep up the majority of its original energy efficiency level. This will help you use your system without increasing operational costs.

Maintenance helps your air conditioner to operate effectively

Last but certainly not least, all of the tasks that are taken care of during maintenance help your air conditioner operate as effectively as possible. Dirt on coils and other components is cleared to allow for better heat transference; bolts and screws are tightened to reduce inefficiency; refrigerant levels are checked to ensure that there are no leaks; all of this and more will keep your AC operating optimally and allow the best cooling for your entire home.

Maintenance must be done by professionals

While maintenance may not seem as intense as AC repairs, it is just as important, if not more so. This should make it clear why this service must be taken care of by a professional technician. For expert service, you can rely on Quality Degree Heating & Air Conditioning. We’ve been providing 5-star service with every job since we opened our doors in 1996.

Ready for an AC tune-up? Contact the team at Quality Degree Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule your appointment.

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