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Is This Your Air Conditioner’s Last Summer?

Your air conditioner may still be running, but is it doing so effectively? What about doing its job efficiently? These are important details to consider, especially if your AC is getting up there in age. After all, your system may be functioning, but it might be functioning like a car that is five miles away from a complete breakdown.

The truth is, this could very well be your AC’s last summer. And if that’s the case, you’ll need to start preparing to get your new air conditioner in place. Here’s how to determine if the summer season may end with an air conditioner replacement in Royersford, PA.

3 Signs You Need to Start Preparing to Upgrade Your AC Unit

Have an air conditioner that is running out of time before it breaks down? You may be able to make it through the summer without significant discomfort using it, but we’d still advise getting ready for a replacement if you notice these warning signs:

  1. The AC is close to 15 years old or more: How old is your air conditioner? If you don’t know the answer to this question, we would advise checking the air conditioner for its date of manufacture. The age of the AC unit is important to know. At a minimum, an air conditioner should last around 10 years before it starts to really wear out. A well-maintained AC can make it to 15 years before needing replacement. If you discover that your air conditioner is close to or beyond the 15-year mark, then it is a good idea to make this summer the air conditioner’s last one.
  2. Your repair bills have become too expensive: The price of your repair bill may have shocked you last season—and for good reason. A repair bill that is equal to half the cost (or more) of a new air conditioning system is too expensive. In these situations, your money is better spent on an upgrade, especially since a newer AC will reduce your energy bills.
  3. You need repairs as often as you need maintenance: Let’s say maybe your repair bills still seem somewhat reasonable. That’s great! But now we want to turn your attention to the frequency of those repairs. Those bills add up when they’re annual! If you need repairs on a yearly basis it means that your AC needs to retire.

Our Team Provides Expert Diagnosis and Service

Figuring out if you need a replacement while your air conditioner is still functional isn’t the easiest task. But you don’t want to wait until your air conditioner breaks down to schedule that service, since it may leave you without a working AC for weeks on end.

For an accurate idea of what is going on with your air conditioner, get it checked by one of our technicians. They will alert you to any major issues that are brewing in the air conditioner and can advise you whether a replacement is worthwhile.

For accurate diagnosis and unmatched customer service, contact Quality Degree Heating & Air Conditioning. You can count on us for your air conditioner replacement—we always provide 5-star system installations.

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