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So, you might be wondering why Quality Degree HVAC chose an Iguana as our awesome mascot. Well, it all started as a funny little joke about temperature sensitivity. You see, just like me and many others, iguanas have this quirky habit of loving a very particular temperature range that shifts with the seasons. It's kinda cute, right? Anyway, over time, that Iguana image has become more than just a joke - it's now a fundamental part of our team's philosophy. It serves as a constant reminder that every customer out there also has their ideal seasonal temperature. And our mission? Well, it's all about helping them reach that perfect comfort zone and enjoy it to the fullest. So, yeah, the Iguana is more than just a mascot; it's a symbol of our commitment to providing top-notch service and making sure our customers are always in their happy place. Because just like our adorable reptile friend, we're all about finding that sweet spot and keeping things cool!

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