The Dirty Truth

You may not be getting the most out of your home’s heating & air system.

Not only that, dust, debris, and allergens are being sucked in and blasted all over your house. Yuck!

This may be why your bedroom is freezing, your coffee table is always dusty, and your energy bill is through the roof.

The good news is… we make it easy to fix.

If you have leaking ductwork, you need a solution to stop the climate-controlled air that is flowing through your ducts from escaping into the walls or attic. Duct leaks will lead to poor comfort and poor indoor air quality too. We provide Aeroseal services to help address leaky ductwork quickly and effectively.

What Is Aeroseal?

Aeroseal is a proven duct sealing technology that will solve your duct leak issues every time. Reliable and incredibly effective, Aeroseal is the chosen method for the team at Quality Degree Heating & Air Conditioning to solve any duct leakage problems our customers have. By using Aeroseal, we ensure that the air your HVAC system produces gets into the rooms of your home, rather than going to waste by escaping through a hole or leak.

Benefits of Aeroseal

Using Aeroseal to address leaking ductwork in your home is a highly beneficial approach. This is because of reasons including:

  • The solution is non-toxic and water-based
  • Using this sealing method will improve your indoor air quality
  • Aeroseal application is fast and easy so we are done in a timely manner
  • Sealed ducts will improve your comfort and home energy efficiency