Why do we perform this analysis on your duct system? Your ductwork is one of the most important systems in your home, and unfortunately one of the most ignored. The supply and return duct system that extends from your central furnace, air handler, air conditioner or heat pump has a significant impact on the efficiency and performance of your heating and cooling equipment.

The systems manufactured today are very sophisticated machines and they are very sensitive to deficiencies in ductwork. Equipment only operates as well as the duct system you attach it to. Some common problems encountered from installing high-efficiency equipment on substandard duct systems are:

  • Continuous equipment problems.
  • Premature component failures, such as motors, compressors, and heat exchangers.
  • Frequent callbacks.
  • Frustration, excuses, and finger-pointing.

For decades, NCI (National Comfort Institute Inc.) studies have shown the typical installed HVAC system in the United States operates at about 57% of the equipment’s laboratory-rated efficiency. The two biggest factors contributing to this low percentage are excessive static pressure and low airflow. On average, the operating TESP (Total External Static Pressure) of most equipment is 160% of manufacturer recommendations.

We go the extra mile on every consultation. We perform the following on every appointment:

  1. A Manual J load calculation to determine the correct capacity to heat and cool your home.
  2. A complete visual inspect of the ducts to determine existing condition.
  3. Measurements of the supply and return to determine airflow (CFM) calculations.
  4. A Total External Static Pressure measurement to determine the “Blood Pressure” of your ducts.

We do all of this to ensure a Five Star installation. You deserve (and paid good money) for a system that operates efficiently and lives as long as it possibly can. One of the most common issues that gives our trade a black eye are well-meaning contractors hooking up high-efficiency equipment to substandard duct systems. We don’t do that to our customers!