Furnaces are made to run effectively, efficiently, and safely for a good amount of time. But even these powerful heating systems can have problems.

If you need a furnace repair in King of Prussia, PA or a furnace replacement then you’ll want to ensure the job is done in a timely manner by a professional. You can rely on our team for professionalism and timely service whenever it is needed! You can also count on us to help you figure out what service your furnace needs and when.

Let’s get started today. Find out more about the indicators of a furnace in need of expert service.


3 Indicators Your Furnace Needs Repairs

Over the years, your furnace may encounter some problems that require more help than just a tune-up. Here are some signs that you need repairs for your heating system.

  1. Strange noises. Does something sound off when you run your furnace? While no furnace runs silently, there are noises that are normal and those that aren’t. Picking up on strange noises such as rattling, hissing, screeching, or buzzing can all indicate that you need repairs.
  2. Short cycling. Your furnace turns on and then shuts off within a few brief minutes. This is known as short cycling and is a likely sign of a serious problem. You may have issues with your burners, airflow, or even the connection with your thermostat causing the interrupted heating cycles.
  3. Uneven heating. If you have noticed hot and cold spots throughout the house then you will want to have your HVAC system checked out. You may have something that is hindering the distribution of the heated air your furnace produces.

3 Signs You Need to Replace Your Furnace

Furnaces, even when well cared for, won’t last forever. One day you will need to replace your system. However, it can be a bit tougher to figure out when that happens before the system breaks down. Here are the signs to watch for that will tell you it is time to get a replacement started.

  1. Old age. An old furnace may be in need of a replacement. So how old is too old? A system that is between 10–15 years old or more is one that will need to be replaced soon.
  2. Repair cost. How much have your repairs cost recently? There is such a thing as a repair bill that is too expensive. Any repair bill that is equal to half or more of the cost of a new system is a warning sign that your furnace is on its last leg.
  3. Repair frequency. Another indicator that you need to update your furnace is when repairs become to frequent. If you need repairs each year then you would be better off saving time and money in the coming years by replacing the system.

Whatever your furnace issue, you can count on our team to help. We’ve served homes in this area since 1996 and we provide 5-star service on every job.

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