Improve Indoor Air Quality In Pet Friendly Homes

Have A Pet? Here Are the IAQ Things You Need to Know It’s no question that having a cat, dog, bird or any animal with dander can impact the air quality in your home. The real question is, how can you improve indoor air quality with pets? And how do you do this without [...]

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Air Conditioner Making Noise

7 Possible Reasons Your AC is Making Noise When your air conditioner is making noise, particularly a loud, unfamiliar one, you can be almost certain that something is going wrong and at the very least requires a quick tune-up.  It give you a little insight, we put together the top seven reasons behind the [...]

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Energy Saving Tips

5 Home Energy Tips in Central & Southeastern PA To Save Money It’s always nice to save money, especially in the hot Pennsylvania summers when your home’s air conditioner can hog the extra funds you’ve earmarked for fun! But if you follow these home energy saving tips, it’s possible to cut back on [...]

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When To Repair or Replace Your Home Appliances

How To Choose The Most Cost-Effective Solution for Your Home When the water heater, furnace, or air conditioner in your Central or Southeastern Pennsylvania home is malfunctioning, you can’t just ignore the problem. Aside from causing you discomfort, problems with your home comfort systems can lead to health problems if they go too long without [...]

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Lennox Training Excellence Award

Quality Degree Receives 2017 Lennox Training Excellence Award The Lennox Training Excellence Award presented annually in each Lennox sales district, honors Dealers who have demonstrated a commitment to training and learning that far exceeds the ordinary line of business. Quality Degree not only won the award for our sales district, we were [...]

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Pennsylvania Water Heater Selection Guide

Let Quality Degree Help You Find The Perfect Water Heater for Your Home! Do you find yourself looking for something to do while you wait for the water in your shower  to warm up? If your Royersford, PA home is giving you signs that your water heater can’t keep up with your hot [...]

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The Impact of Low Humidity Levels on Your Home

Dry Air: It’s Toll on You & Your Home, & How to Fix It Do you regularly shock others after walking across your rugs or carpets? Do any members of your family experience consistent nosebleeds or asthma attacks? Dry air can go relatively unnoticed for a long time or it can become a huge inconvenience [...]

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Energy Star Tax Credit Guidance

Act Now For Energy Star Tax Credits Through December 31, 2016! Have you been on the fence about purchasing a new furnace or air conditioner? If so, you may want to consider making the purchase before the end of the year to take advantage of tax credits that expire as the [...]

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