All too often it is easy to forget that your water heater needs upkeep too—that is, until it stops functioning. We actively pay attention to our HVAC systems but our water heaters tend to be the ever-working system that we rarely think twice about until they hit a problem.

Rather than waiting for your water heater to run itself into the ground (and, by default, an early replacement) we want to give you some tools that will help you identify if this system is struggling. With this info, you’ll know when to schedule water heater repair in Royersford before you find yourself taking an involuntary cold shower.


Watch for These Warning Signs

Take some time today or even later this week to do a “check-up” on your water heater. We aren’t encouraging you to open it or try your hand at DIY work. Instead, see if you notice any of the following warning signs, and then call us to check things out:

  • You hear some concerning noises. When you have time, find your way over to your water heater and listen while it operates for a few minutes. Do you hear the usual noise of water being heated? Or do you hear some concerning sounds like crackling, rumbling, or even a high-pitched whistle? These are noises that mean you need to have your water heater checked out and possibly flushed before the sediment causing these noises solidifies into scaling.
  • You notice weakened hot water pressure. When you turn on a hot water tap, you should receive about the same water pressure strength that you get from your cold water tap. But if you notice that, instead, your hot water tap seems unable to provide the right amount of water pressure, or barely produces a trickle, you need to get things checked out. There may be a leak or some serious scaling to deal with.
  • The temperature of your water can’t stay steady. You go to hop in the shower, expecting to enjoy evenly warm water. Instead, though, you discover yourself battling with the water temperature as it provides warm water for a few minutes and then drops to lukewarm and then room temperature water. You can fiddle with the shower knob all you want, but increasing the demand on your water heater won’t do you much good since this is a likely sign that your system needs repairs.
  • The water is discolored or smelly. These issues indicate that the sediment present in the water is starting to become corrosive. You may notice a stronger metallic smell from your hot water supply or see it has an orange or red tinge to it, both of which are signs that you need to have the system checked for corrosion. The sooner the better, as corrosion that affects the tank of your system can lead to a replacement rather than a repair.

If you notice one or more of the warning signs we’ve listed here, reach out to our team. You can book an appointment with a technician to have your water heater serviced by a true professional.

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