There is a system that runs in the background of your day, providing a vital resource that you need access to at a moment’s notice. This system is your water heater. A properly working water heater is going to be ever-ready to provide hot water when you need it.

Here’s the thing though: no water heater will last long without the right service to back it up. That’s what our team is here to help with. You deserve to be able to rely on your system throughout the year, especially as we head into the coldest months of the year.

Let’s go over some important information that you’ll need to know about your water heater in order to ensure that you can keep it working right.

There Is More Than One Type of Water Heater

The two most common types of water heaters that you need to know about are the tank water heater and the tankless water heater. If you need to install or replace a water heater, you’ll likely end up choosing one of these.

Tank water heaters are the more commonly known system that stores multiple gallons of water in a tank where they are kept warm. In contrast, a tankless water heater only warms up water when it is requested, such as when you turn on a hot water tap.

Repairs Are Best Done Promptly and Professionally

Whichever type of water heater you have, it may need repairs at some point over the years. If you’ve started to notice any of the following problems with your water heater, don’t hesitate to contact our team for water heater repair in Royersford, PA.

  • Crackling or popping noises: These noises are created by water trying to get through a layer of sediment that has built up in your water heater. If you hear these sounds, you’ll need to have professionals flush the water heater tank.
  • Reduced warm water: A reduced amount of warm water is something that you shouldn’t ignore. This may mean there is an increased amount of sediment that is reducing the ability of your water heater to do its job.
  • Weaker water pressure: Another problem that you’ll want to address quickly is weakened water pressure. This can be due to clogged or leaking pipes. Whatever the ultimate cause, you should have this issue checked out and addressed quickly.

You Can Count on a Well-Maintained Water Heater for a Long Time

We have good news. When you have a water heater that is installed by a professional and well-cared for, it is going to last you a long time. But it is important to make sure that you keep tabs on just how long your system has been in use. This is because, after around 15 years, your water heater will become less efficient and more expensive to operate. At this point, even if a breakdown isn’t imminent, preparing for a replacement is in your best interest.

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